"Roots and Innovations" 2nd World online K-Conversations Conference - April 16-17-18, 2021

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The first World Online Muscle Response Testing conference was amazing! 500 participants from 34 countries, 5 languages... a unique world-wide community.

The first K-Conversations meeting was create to unite all muscle testers in a time of separation and uncertainty due to CoVID. To provide the best help possible the theme was "Stress and the Immune System".

This new pandemic forced us to adopt this "new normal" lifestyle that brought a lot of changes in our lives. Something improved, some other aspect of our life become more challenging while we are still figuring out how to improve our social life and to keep our relations.

CoVID pushed the changes at an unprecedented speed in certain areas of our lives. We want to be sure to keep all useful roots and, in the meantime, to embrace all necessary innovations. 

Your ticket gives you:

  • Full access to live event in your preferred language (We are still defining the languages that will be available in simultaneous translation, contact us writing to info@knowlative.com if you are interested in having your language available);
  • Attendance and Competence certificates;
  • Playback all videos and access documents in Knowlative (also with a Free account) for 3 months.